Acrylic putty NS2021S

Masilla acrílica NS2021S

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• One-component acrylic putty to repair small surface rips or imperfections.
• Can be used over primer or paint.
• Not suitable for direct application to bare metal.
• Strong filling power.

Recommended Use

Use after cleaning the surface: remove wax, silicone and other impurities with degreaser.
Coating: apply top coat after sanding the area if it is small, otherwise it is recommended to use the printing surface if the area is large.
Mixing ratio: ready to use.
Layer thickness: apply 1-2 layers with the spatula or plastic sheet, do not apply thick layers in layers, with dry film no more than 0.1 mm.
Presentation container of: 1/8 Gl. And 1/4 Gl.